To the full performance on a small body

Crawling has a dedicated battery and motor mounted so that even a small body can demonstrate great power, we prepared a dedicated control device to make use of its capability.

In addition, we have prepared several built-in sensors, and make it a robot hidden in potential idea restriction.

Dedicated lithium ion battery

Crawl has a powerful 7.4V Li-ion battery developed exclusively for development.

This battery produces strength and instantaneous power, and also has stamina, so it responds to the user’s concentration and does not disturb the realization of ideas.

To charge the battery, simply connect the supplied AC adapter to the robot, you do not have to replace the batteries nor need to disassemble to replace the battery.

Since it is designed to turn off the power during charging, the robot will not move during charging and pull the cable.

Also, even while charging, you can use only the microcomputer if you connect the USB cable, you can check program operation during charging.

The battery has built-in protection circuit against overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent, and safety is also taken into consideration.


Lithium-ion battery has a lifetime.

The original performance can not be demonstrated with long-term use.

Protection circuit is effective against overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, but it is ancillary to the last.

Do not overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent absolutely.

Two built-in sensors

Crawl has built-in posture sensor with 9 axis temperature sensor and encoder for measuring the rotation of the motor.

The 9 axis attitude sensor can be used to know what attitude the crawl is in, and it can also be used to know how far it has moved.

It is possible to detect and avoid a collapsing condition or measure the distance traveled to determine the behavior.

Since it is also possible to measure the rotation of the motor, it is also possible to measure the rotational speed of the motor, adjust the speed of the robot, and measure the mileage.


Crawl dedicated motor

Crawl uses a small motor developed exclusively.

This motor is adjusted for the use application called a robot while taking advantage of the power of the lithium ion battery being used, and it is top of the top for realizing torque and dynamic movement to realize the instantaneous movement It combines speed.

Measures have also been taken to minimize the impact on electronic equipment.

Using the performance of the motor, you can create a program saying to carry the baggage, compete in competition for time, or you can use the built-in sensor to control the inverted pendulum by the robot .