Hello ROBOT!

Why do not you build your own robot and start robot programming?

Everything needed for the robot is included in the kit so that crawling can be started immediately even for the first time.

The user should prepare a tool and a computer connected to the Internet, and an idea.

Crawling can help you realize that idea.

Please have a tutorial

For those who are beginning programming for the first time, we have a tutorial on which we can learn the first steps of robot programming using crawl.

Please visit https://omniment.co.jp/crawl/start (now Japanese only).

From the setup of the programming environment, you can learn how to write and think about the program, and you can browse the tutorial for finalizing the program to avoid obstacles free of charge.

Arduino compatible

The core of Crawl is a newly developed Arduino compatible board.

Arduino has abundant resources and you can search ideas and solutions using books and the Web.

Software is also very easy to prepare one Arduino IDE, and connection with crawl can be communicated with program with a single USB cable included.

It makes robot programming more familiar and easy.

From introduction to high level

Crawling can be used not only as an entry primer but also for high level applications.

You can do sophisticated control experiments like inverted pendulum without body remodeling or you can use a compact computer like Raspberry Pi for applications that require processing power.

Since the main body is a 5mm pitch universal plate, it is possible to realize advanced autonomous operation by mounting a sensor additionally, or to carry a work with a robot arm or carry.