Crawl Library

For the crawl, we have provided the Ikaseru library functions of the crawl.

That of course can be the operation of the robot easy, since it is possible to use also easily various sensors that are built into the body, distance and advanced robot, you can know the angle of today’s robot.

The user in the program, just insert a few lines of code.

Without thinking about the extra parts, you can focus on be considered a really necessary part.


The “robot programming” more convenient, easy

Not only it can handle robot easily, also equipped with functions that go ahead in the crawl library.

For example, it offers a function, such as the time keeper to perform an accurate time management.

For example, some programs necessary in order to inverted, it can be very easily realized by the use of this feature.

In addition, from the various sensors of the data that is built-in, you can easily get the radian angle of the robot.

Users without the need to assemble each time a complicated formula, even these features can be used with just a few lines of code.


Arduino also be C ++, the favorite one

When you use the crawl library, you can write a program using the main function of a typical C ++ as well as Arduino description.

Other and embedded systems, can be expected to be applied smoothly to a more advanced program.

Possibility, and more spread out.


Crawl library will be able to get from the download page.

Let the idea to form. Crawl library can that help.